Sleep Great for Life reaches #6 Best Seller under ‘Healthy Living’ on Amazon

The All Star Press publication Sleep Great for Life has reached #6 on the Best Seller list under the very competitive  ‘Healthy Living’ section. Over 900 copies of the book were downloaded in only three days last week in the Amazon Kindle store, with readers coming as far away as Japan.

Rated 5-stars on AmazonSleep Great for Life teaches readers how to successfully apply 14 sleep hygiene rules in their life, followed by four facets of the Sleep Great method. In a very short time, readers can be expected to overcome their insomnia and sleep-related issues once and for all.

“This no-nonsense easy to read book is a diamond in the rough,” explained one reader, Steve Terelak. “There are some simple practical alternatives to pharmaceuticals that I found helpful in daily practice.   Nilsen takes the reader on a journey to better sleep through his own experiences. The solutions he offers are well thought out. Topics, including sleep hygiene and naps, pinpointed specific ideas we take for granted. Stress is a major contributor to interrupting our necessary sleep cycle. I found his suggestions on dealing with stress beneficial in helping my body and mind achieve the necessary steps to the all important rest needed to function at optimal capacity.”

Terelak continued, “I’m sleeping better and continuing work on the important elements of getting a restful nights sleep.”

Only $4.97 in the Amazon Kindle Store, the sleep guide is also available in paperback and is eligible for FREE shipping and handling through Amazon.

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