5 Star Book Review

Testimonial about the book “Sleep Great for Life” by Richard J. Nilsen

“Suffering from insomnia? Tired and lacking energy all day and can’t seem to figure out why? Less alert? Concerned about pre-existing conditions such as heart disease and how they are affected by your sleep patterns? If you are affected by these or any of these or a myriad of other sleep or health disorders, this may be the book that turns your life around. Sleep expert Richard J. Nilsen provides not only answers, but real solutions and deep analysis of the root causes of sleep disorders, in his book Sleep Great for Life. Beyond the traditional books, that often just tell you that your sleep habits are going to ruin your health and little else, Nilsen offers real solutions and 15 factors that can affect your sleep, and the solutions on how to change your habits and change your life with regular sleep.”

~ Mike Gagnon – Author & Illustrator – mikegagnon.ca

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