How to get the Perfect Sleep You’ve Always Wanted

by Charlotte Hunter

There are times when getting yourself to dreamland becomes difficult. Instead of getting some rest, the tossing and turning at night wears you out. Do yourself a favor and stop counting how many of Mary’s sheep can jump over a fence and learn from the guidelines below to achieve a sleeping state that even Sleeping Beauty would envy.

Watch your Diet. It is true that eating, especially foods high on carbohydrates, increases our blood sugar, making us sluggish just a few hours after eating. Nevertheless, eating few minutes before your bedtime makes you awake so be sure not to eat anything that’s high on sugar and carbs few minutes before hitting the sack.

Take a Physical Activity. Jogging, dancing or even floor exercises are surefire ways to de-stress your body helping you to get a good night sleep. But be wary not to do this physical activities a few minutes before you get a snooze as they cause the blood in the body to circulate more thus making you stay awake and alert.

Do Something Else. If it’s already thirty minutes and you still keep on tossing and turning in your bed, don’t force yourself to get that Zzzsss. Get up and walk around the house, watch TV or read a book until your eyes get tired. If you want, you can even turn on the radio or your MP3 player and listen till you fall asleep. Some people like it when they hear something while waiting to snooze whereas others hate to hear any kind of sounds before sleeping.

Find the Perfect Position. Finding the perfect position and spot in your bed is the best way to fall asleep. This differs in every person. Some like it lying down face flat. Some can’t sleep without a pillow to cover their face while others can’t doze off without a pillow to hug. It all depends on the person and it’s up to you to find the position that suits you.

Clear Your Mind. Before going to dreamland, clear your mind first of the excess baggage. You might be worrying for your term paper due the next day but staying up late at night worrying about it doesn’t help a bit. Sleeping is a time to relax your worn out body and mind so vacate that thing between your ears and have a good night sleep.

Follow a Routine. If you feel that taking an afternoon nap messes up your sleeping pattern then cut off with the siestas. A 15-20 minutes power nap in the afternoon is just enough but anything more than that especially in the late afternoon is a big no no if you want to sleep early in the evening. If you go to bed at 10:00 pm and wakes up at 8:00pm, then follow that routine everyday. Trust me, you’ll never have to endure again another sleepless nights once you have instilled this sleeping patterns in your clock. Because as soon as the clock strikes ten, your body and mind will automatically shut down readying you for another sleep fest.

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